CHEMISCHE LÖSUNGEN, S.L. is a company devoted to the development and manufacturing of chemical and decorative products by means of Nanotechnology based on last-generation water-based nanomaterials, resulting in the production of non-pollutant ecological materials.

- Nanomaterial line: graphene, Tio2.
- Release mechanisms: by migration, molecular doors.
- Properties added: hydrophobic properties, hydrophilic properties, aromatic properties, repellent properties, photo catalytic properties, release of active ingredients, thermal properties.
- Functions: anti stain, antioxidant

These products are endowed with a technology of intelligent release of components, based on nanocapsules of silica with molecular doors, devoted to control the release of materials depending on certain stimuli: nanoparticles with aromatic and repellent properties, nanoparticles with sun shading properties, nano materials with photo catalytic properties, nanoparticles with shielding properties.

What is Graphene?

The carbon is one of the most important chemical elements in the nature. It is contained into every living being, and depending on the atom distribution, it can compound different substances endowed with different features. The graphene is obtained from the carbon. This material appears when very small carbon particles are aggregated in a two-dimension very thin sheet (with the size of an atom). The graphene is a substance endowed with very interesting characteristics, as: high thermal and electric conductivity, flexibility and strength. The graphene is 200 times more resistant than the steel, similar to diamond in resistance, but much lighter than it. It is practically transparent. The graphene is obtained from a very abundant substance in the nature, the graphite. It is part of our quotidian life, due to the fact that it is used to make a wide range of objects, from bricks to pencil leads.

With the graphene, technically added, we obtain conventional decorative paints, but endowed with some utile advantages. It has better breathability, it enhances the air renewal, it has anti condensation effect, avoiding the dampness and drying quickly due to the fact that it is a hydrophobic material. A great flexibility and strength are obtained. It has longer effects than the conventional paints, with a useful life of 20 years of more. It is an ecological paint, due to the fact that the graphene is environmentally friendly, so it is a natural product.

Instead of being known from 1930´s, the graphene was abandoned for being considered as an unstable material. It was a lot of years after, in 2004, when the Russian scientists Novoselov and Geim were able to isolate them at room temperature. Thanks to their discovery, they won the Nobel Prize in 2010.


What is Nanotecnology?

Our products are endowed with nanotechnology, we develop our products by using last generation nanomaterials. The nanotechnology is the study, design, creation, synthesis, handling and application of materials, devices and functional systems by means of the control of the material on a nano scale, as well as the use of its properties. When the material is handled in such a minuscule scale, it shows completely new properties. Therefore, the scientists use the nanotechnology to create inexpensive materials, devices and systems, with completely new properties. This new structures, with atomic precision, allow us to endow our products with new characteristics devoted to set our company beside the rest. There is a wide consensus that the nanotechnology will take us to a second Industrial Revolution in the 21st century.

This technology will suppose a lot of advantages for a lot of industries, as well as new materials endowed with extraordinary properties (for example, to develop materials stronger than the steel, but with a weight of ten percent of it), new computing applications with unbelievably quicker components, as well as molecular sensors able to detect and destroy carcinogenic cells in some delicate parts of our body, as the brain, among other applications. We can say that a lot of advances in the nano science will be among the bigger technological advances which will change the world.