In Chemische Losungen, S.L., we everyday face more and more challenges in obtaining new materials which improve our living standards. Our research and development laboratories are constantly developing new product lines devoted to enhance the quality of building and decoration products, with which we become a leader in last-generation nanomaterial products. We are constantly trying to obtain new materials which enhance our quality of life, endowing the existing materials with new properties which improve them.

- Nanomaterials: graphene, Tio2.
- Release mechanism: molecular gates.
- Properties: hydrophobic properties, hydrophilic properties, aromatic properties, repellent properties, photocatalytic properties, release of
active ingredients, heat properties
- Functions: anti-stain, antioxidant, anti-holes.

We bring last-generation technology to the paints with which we paint our cities, helping this way to decontaminate the air by means of a photo-catalytic effect. This way, the buildings become trees which help to purify the air. Apart from that, we are able to obtain a shielding-effect, reducing the level of electromagnetic waves (high frequency) and alternating electromagnetic field (low frequency). We have to develop new product with which we fight against the risks produced by antennas and electromagnetic waves which are permanently around us.

In our production centers, we develop the whole manufacturing process, from the control of the raw materials to the final product, by applying strict quality controls in every process. Our waterborne products are free from VOC´s.

The Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC´s) are present in the most products of our daily life, as solvents contained in the paints. They are released to the atmosphere during the drying process, as well as during the cleaning of the painting equipment, or preparation of the surfaces by using solventborne products.

The Royal Decree 117/2003 is devoted to reduce the amount of VOC´s released to the atmosphere by the companies. The use of solvents in some kind activities can produce harmful emissions of organic compounds to the atmosphere, causing breathing difficulties and important damages to natural resources.